Industrial design industry design, the area of artistic and technical activities. The aim of industrial design is: the definition of formal qualities of industrial products, namely their functional and external qualities.

Industrial design

The first industrial designers in the industry appeared in England in the 18th century. This is due to the activity of Gosain Wedgewood and the development of industrial textile production.

The definition of industrial design started in 1919 by German architect Walter Gropus. He was the founder of a revolutionary school of industrial design in Weimar.

Industrial design started its development after the second world war. In the 60s, this trend has been popular in the USA, and was organized by the College of Industrial design. In 1969 the members of this Board gave inclusive definition of the term: "Industrial design is a creative activity whose aim is to enhance the dignity of objects produced in industry."

Usually the development of industrial design includes the following stages:

Generation of ideas;
Concept design;
Three-dimensional modeling;

The designer can be attributed to such occupations as: engineers, mechanics and artists. They do not create the drawings, are not responsible for the availability of inventions, they optimize the invention by trying to portray it more expensive and beautiful than it is. The designers are exploring the thumbnails of the products that are already successful on the market, and sample create your masterpiece. But they don't steal other people's idea, like maybe you're thinking, they just study the experience of other designers, not to make mistakes.

To create the design product any industrial design company requires not only artistic and analytical activity, but the application of a number of graphics programs: 3D Studio Max,  SolidWorks, solidThinking, Rhinoceros, Pro/Engineer, 3D CAiD , Solid Edge, as well as programmes for automation of industrial design and CAD programs to ensure the implementation of concepts and sketches of products.